M12™ Brushed Blower


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  • 2-speed electronic switch allows users to optimize the speed for the material they’re moving.
  • Variable speed trigger gives users increased control in directing materials to their desired location.
  • Cruise control lock reduces user fatigue.
  • Significantly reduces time spent cleaning after applications​.
  • Rubberized nozzle easily clears debris in hard to reach places​.
  • 4955 L/minute - 180 km/h wind speed​; 15 mins of runtime on high-speed setting (with 6.0Ah battery)​.
  • Axial fan design provides higher performance
  • Compatible with all M12 batteries & chargers​
What's Included
M12™ Brushed Blower

M12 BBL-0

Product Specifications

Airflow speed (km/h)


Air volume (l/min)


Sound Level (dB(A))


Run Time

15+ minutes (6.0Ah)

Weight with battery pack if applicable (kg)


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